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overall overall 24hr
1. Zanaris  56,115,310

2. Apinanpoika2  51,880,136

3. Funihead  47,994,356

4. Sofe  45,875,368

5. Simon  45,027,326

6. Woodcutting  44,570,329

7. 122068  35,160,089

8. Mr Blob  30,784,032

9. 2w  26,984,573

10. Fethay  26,956,405

overall overall 7d
1. Eek Its You  1,488,978,527

2. Wowthisgame  1,488,080,486

3. Dat Torva  1,163,626,588

4. Mad Blood  1,013,234,834

5. Idek  997,086,705

6. Kylie Ann  254,334,864

7. Ccb  224,761,617

8. Sat  223,063,858

9. Alluka  211,229,302

10. Woodcutting  178,343,516

overall overall 31d
1. 2w  2,344,194,656

2. Hiss  2,030,657,236

3. Wowthisgame  1,536,954,367

4. Eek Its You  1,499,859,819

5. 99 Time  1,418,399,741

6. Dyslexic  1,104,892,478

7. Penelope  1,040,131,503

8. Mad Blood  1,013,234,834

9. Idek  997,086,705

10. Pilli  824,810,194

RuneTracker News

January 25th '16:

The Invention skill has been added to RuneTracker's interfaces. As always, we automatically start tracking new skills so your existing gains are already recorded. We have not yet implemented the new experience curve for Invention, but we will do so soon!

February 22nd '15:

The current Bonus Exp Weekend has been added to the events page, and records from this weekend will now show up there! Best of luck to everyone this weekend! Since this was added a couple of days late, there may be some issues with records showing up on the main records page that aren't supposed to. This will be dealt with by the following:

A note on Records: I have been thinking a lot about how to handle the appearance of a large number of invalid records on RuneTracker, and what could be done to clear these up. There are too many bad records for the 3 staff members of this site to deal with manually, so I think that the solution that I will be implementing is a new rule for record eligibility that will not count records unless there are sufficient data points. For example, it may be modified so that a record must have a certain amount of intermediate data points in the gains order to be counted. A single jump of a billion exp is obviously very suspicious and making it harder to see what actual achievements have been made. Stay tuned for updates on this issue.

October 31st '14:

The Halloween weekend bonus exp event has been added to RuneTracker. Records gained during this bonus exp weekend will be tabled on the Events page! Please be aware that record attempts made during the bonus exp weekend will be cut off exactly when the event ends. Normal records will also be cut off when the event begins, regardless of the starting time data.

In other news, I want to mention that we are aware of the high number of glitched user records that have been appearing recently. This is due to Jagex changing namechange rules and retiring old usernames. We're trying to work through them when our devs have time, and may be changing how RuneTracker considers players in the records in rankings when they have extreme jumps or exp drops. I would also like to remind you that if you have difficulty with a namechange on RuneTracker, you may submit a ticket to our bug tracker to have it dealt with more promptly than the Soft Fail queue.

Finally, I have removed the "Clan DB" page from RuneTracker since the functionality it offered is now available on the RuneScape website itself.

Thanks for using RuneTracker!

About RuneTracker

RuneTracker allows RuneScape players to track their progress over time, giving players an innovative way to track their progress in the game. Users can also compare themselves with others in our Top 42 and Record tables!

Data for this website comes from the RScript project. If you use RuneScript Stats Bot regularly, this website should have your data already. Otherwise, simply enter your name in the lookup box on the top of the page, and we'll get you started! Update your stats in our database by clicking any of the "Update Now!" buttons found on this site for your RuneScape name. The use of this website is completely free, and we encourage any suggestions or ideas for new features and updates; simply post on our bug tracker!

First time here? Tracking is simple! Simply look yourself up on the search bar above to get your user page. Simply check your page regularly and we'll update it once a day, or if you're impatient, simply press the "Check" button on your page!

Current Statistics:
Week's Users: 44,218
Total Users Logged: 3,201,125
Total Data Points Logged: 63,532,653

Name Change Queue: 76

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