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overall overall 24hr
1. Sormin  27,317,836

2. Addict3d  19,776,310

3. Mettadon  19,529,381

4. The Yew Man3  17,634,728

5. Zephaxp  13,633,827

6. Drummer92  9,927,659

7. Mg Audrey  6,327,234

8. Ceng  6,005,071

9. Im Kity  5,507,068

10. Tommyswhale  5,428,931

overall overall 7d
1. Hersheys Bar  328,220,053

2. Twisted Wish  276,210,208

3. Trans  214,320,808

4. Eturnus  212,610,037

5. Mano0w  207,835,925

6. Misstatement  192,395,407

7. Mettadon  179,335,597

8. Descent  113,656,958

9. Krewlness  97,274,590

10. Cal Is 1000k  95,017,211

overall overall 31d
1. Trans  1,186,578,548

2. Zephaxp  737,694,620

3. Mettadon  626,273,271

4. Mano0w  528,512,291

5. Jaws 2 75  477,205,768

6. Rewards  476,465,011

7. Lessking  472,735,713

8. Detachgame  441,739,644

9. Misstatement  418,723,575

10. Nanci  415,452,920

RuneTracker News

March 30th '20:

The Archaeology skill has been added to RuneTracker's interfaces. As always, we automatically start tracking new skills so your existing gains are already recorded.

Dec 5th '18:

Improvements have been made to Old School tracking, which we think is pretty cool! User pages now have the same daily, weekly and monthly graphs as RS3 user pages and our service should now correctly lookup Old School users once per day like the sidebar says it will.

Oct 17th '18:

We think we've patched all the bugs resulting from the server migration. Thank you for your patience! If you run into any issues, hit us up on our bug tracker or by email at [email protected].

Sept 23rd '18:

We're back! Our deepest apologies for the extended downtime. We've moved to a new server and we're updating a lot of old code to support a newer version of PHP and a new server. There is still a lot of work to be done to get things fully running again, but we are working on it! Watch this space for updates.

May 21st '17:

The Double XP Weekend has been added to the events page! Also pages have been added. Don't know why the heck we didn't have them all this time. Good luck and have fun!

September 24th '16:

The Bonus Exp Weekend has been added to the events page. We're a day late adding it but the gains you've already had will be automatically counted in the event when you update your stats!

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