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RuneTracker Updater

RuneTracker Updater is an open-source Java tool that you can run on your computer to automatically update your user page on a daily or twice-daily schedule. Since we cannot make automated requests to RuneScape's hiscores as a condition of Jagex' terms of use, we must rely on users requesting stats to be able to update our database. This is why you must either use !stats on RuneScript or manually update your user page. We've developed this tool so that you can schedule update requests so that your stats and records will be accurate in case you forget to update it with other methods.


RuneTracker Updater should only be downloaded from There are no other mirrors of this application and we do not encourage redistribution. The only safe links for downloading RuneTracker Updater are below.


Do I enter my login name?
The name you enter into the settings dialog should be the name of the user on RuneTracker that you want to update the statistics of. This should be your display name, not necessarily your login name.

Does the updater start automatically?
The updater does not automatically start with your OS. To make the updater start with Windows, create a shortcut to the jar file inside your Startup directory (Start > Programs > Startup).

Where are my settings stored?
The updater stores user settings in %userprofile%\.runetracker-updaterrc. You can use this file to copy your settings between computers or simply to view the data stored by the program.

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